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Supplementary Women's Studies Resources: LGBT Resources

Journals for LGBT Studies

Advocacy Organizations

Finding Books in Fondren

In the past, in most academic libraries, a call number range in the HQ's (largely HQ74 through HQ77) housed most GLBT Studies materials. Many  general resources, such as encyclopedias, as well as sociological treatments of GLBT issues, can still be found in that call number range. Today materials on GLBT and Queer Study issues can be found throughout the library in multiple disciplines, for instance in the collections on literature, communications and mass media, English, American history, religion, education and social services. It is best when searching for materials to initially do keyword searches in the catalog on a specific topic within GLBT Studies. Remember that changes in terms have occured over time and that different disciplines may use different terms. Searching under "homosexuality" may produce one set of works, perhaps historical ones, or clinical ones, whereas searching under "queer" may produce largely cultural or literature studies. "Gay",  "GLBT", "LGBT", "Transgender" and "Transgendered" might also be searched as keywords. "Sexual orientation" and "Gender identity" are also terms that may be used.