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Companies and Ads: Overview

Get Started with Company Profiles

Make sure you know the name of the company itself and not just the brand. In addition to company profiles, you may get additional useful information from the company's website and social media.

Analyst Reports

Different Kinds of Companies

Public Companies

Because public companies are publicly traded, you can find annual reports and stock prices for them. Public companies are required to submit the Form 10-K, which is also sometimes called an annual report, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It gives a summary of a company's products, budgetary information, financial health, risks, and more. Companies also may create a separate annual report for shareholders that provides them with an overview of the year's operations.

Private Companies

Private companies are not required to report their budgetary information, so financial information is limited. See this page for more on researching private companies.

Non-profit Companies

Non-profit companies are required to submit the Form 990, which includes budgetary information among other things. See this page for more on researching non-profit companies.

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