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Publishing & Scholarly Impact: Choosing a Journal

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There are many illegitimate, predatory and otherwise poorly managed journals across the world.  Use the tools below to help ensure that you are publishing with a credible journal.

What is a Journal Impact Factor?

The Journal Impact Factor is a measure of how frequently the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year. It is a method of ranking journals in a field.

There is some disagreement as to how effective the Impact Factor is in measuring journal quality.

What is open access publishing?

Open access publications are freely available on the public web. Research published in this method is becoming more widely cited, and many journals are peer-reviewed. Open access scholarship can lead to faster expansion of development and discovery as well as accelerated rates of citation.

  • Besides publishing in an open access journal, you can also make your research open access by submitting it to SMU Scholar, our university research repository.
  • Only about a third of open access journals require author fees, as opposed to 75% of conventional journals.
  • Most conventional publishers allow for author-initiated open access publishing.
  • Open access journals can be of very high quality, though not all are.