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Simmons Insights Training: Reading Results

Reading Results Explanation 

Sample: The number of people surveyed who meet both the column & row criteria. Ex: Of the people survey, 57 men said they eat Weight Watchers pizza.

Weighted (000): Expressed in thousands, the projected number of adults (18+) in the U.S. who meet both the column & row criteria. Ex: There are 545,000 men in the United States who eat Weight Watchers pizza.

Vertical %: Read a statement learned from the study by starting with the column variable, then the vertical %, then the row variable. Ex: Of those who eat Weight Watchers pizza, 45.1% of them are men.

Horizontal %Read a statement learned by the study by starting with the row variable, then the vertical %, then the column variable. Ex. Among men, about 0.5% of them eat Weight Watchers pizza.

Index: The likelihood of the target to meet a specified criteria, expressed in relation to the base with 100 = average. Any number above 100 is percentage more likely to agree with the criteria than the base, and any number below 100 is percentage less likely to agree with the criteria than the base. Ex: Men are 6% less likely than the general population to eat Weight Watchers pizza.

* These numbers have an asterisk because the sample population was small enough that the projections may be unstable.

Reading the Results 

Results of Spring 2017 NHCS Adult Study 12-month