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Digital Scholarship Tools: Overview

On this page, find resources related to:

Data Tools Data Visualization
Text Analysis Digital Collections
Digital Storytelling Timelines
Social Annotation ​​​​​​​Websites​​​​​​​
GIS Other Software

Data Tools

Data Cleaning

Data Visualization

Representing information in a chart, diagram, picture, etc. is particularly useful for large amounts of information and for making patterns in data legible.

Network Visualizations

Spatial Visualization

Text Analysis

Text analysis or Text data mining (TDM) is the application of computational methods to analyze a large set of texts to discover patterns and trends.

Digital Collections

Digital collections typically contain digitized cultural heritage artifacts and its corresponding metadata record. (Metadata includes descriptive, structural, technical, and administrative information about the artifact.)


You can create a database in Microsoft Access and publish it in Sharepoint

Digital Storytelling


Social Annotation



A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that analyzes and displays geographically referenced information.


As a SMU affiliate (faculty, student, staff) you have access to various software packages through OIT (Office, SAS, etc)

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Choosing the Right Tool

Use the simplest tool that still matches the functionality you need.

For example, a simple data visualization could be created with an Excel spreadsheet while complex projects might require a tool with more options or customization.

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