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Get Ready to Vote 2020: Overview

A step-by-step guide for SMU students

1. Decide where to register

If you want to vote in the 2020 election, you must register as soon as possible.

Texas permanent residents

  • You can register in your home county and vote absentee (unless you are from Dallas County).


  • You can register in Dallas County, using your Dyer Street mailing address at SMU. Postage-paid registration forms are available at Fondren Library main desk, Hamon Library main desk, Prothro Hall, and the Business Library main desk.

Residents of other states

  • You can register in your home state and vote absentee. Check to see how to register apply online or print a registration form. Stamped envelopes are available at the Fondren Library main desk.


  • You can register in Dallas County if you have a Texas ID, Texas driver's license, or a passport.

Resources for registration

2. Plan to cast your vote

In Person

If you are registered in Texas, you can vote in person in the county in which you are registered during the early voting period or on election day at an official polling place. Due to the pandemic, it is highly encouraged that you vote early.


Absentee voting allows a person to submit their ballot by mail due to lack of ability to be physically present at the polling place on election day. Request and send back your absentee ballot as early as possible since all forms must go through the mail.

When you get your absentee ballot, be sure to follow all the directions, avoid stray marks or tears, and use your official signature so that it will be counted. Postage paid envelopes for absentee applications and ballots are available at the main desk in Fondren Library.

Resources for deciding how to vote

3. Learn about the candidates

Make the most out of voting by being knowledgable about the positions of the candidates on your ballot and major political issues. 

Have more questions about voting?

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