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ANTH 5344: Methods in Ethnology: Overview

Finding Ethnographies

There is no ethnography section in the library, so you will have to use a few search techniques to find them.

Search strategies:

  • Add the phrase social life and customs to the name of an ethnic group. Ethnographies often fall under the subject heading "Social Life and Customs."
    • Navajo Indians social life and customs (Not all titles under this subject heading are ethnographies. You will need to verify)
  • Search the name of the ethnic group and one of these keywords: kinship, religion, rites and ceremonies. may be helpful. (Example: Cherokee religion)
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for variations of a word:
    • Navajo ethno* (searches for ethnography, ethnographic, ethnology, etc.)
    • Navajo religi* (searches for religion, religious, etc.)
    • Navajo rit* (searches for rituals, rites, etc.)

Databases with Ethnographies

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