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Information Literacy Program: Assignment Ideas

Annotated bibliography activities

  • Respond to questions like “What does this mean to me?” “What effect does this text have on my values or my beliefs?” 
  • Connect arguments between sources represented in the bibliography
  • Describe how the source relates to the research question
  • Use the BEAM method to describe if the source will be used as background, exhibit, analysis, or method
  • Summarize the entire source and paraphrase at least two arguments
  • Connect the source's argument to the wider conversation, placing it in context with when it was written

Alternate research projects

  • In 1-2 pages, have students write a mini literature review on their research topic that tracks the evolution of thought over time, different perspectives on the topic, and who is writing on the topic and why. 
  • Have the class collaborate on its own Wikipedia article, weblog, or podcast and research to develop the content.
  • Choose a real world problem and have students write a "letter to the editor" supporting a position with cited sources.
  • Have students write program notes for a concert, art, or museum exhibit.
  • Review a book, play, or film, comparing it to other similar works in the field and tracking different perspectives on it from other critics.
  • Start with a primary source. Have students track secondary sources based on their analysis of the primary source.
  • Select a Wikipedia article to critique. Compare the information presented in the article to more traditional sources.
  • Critique an article. Have students find authoritative, dissenting perspectives.
  • Have students present research results in a poster session rather than a traditional paper.
  • Create a concept/argument map of perspectives and arguments surrounding a research question.
  • Prepare a study proposal.
  • Write a research log that tracks steps taken and how different sources changed your opinions or beliefs.
  • Propose a policy and a method of implementation based on current research.